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“Thanks Carl for an awesome 500 clicks. I had conversions of 67% which is the highest yet. Not only that I received 3 sales @ $51 each. I will definately be back for more!”

From: Carl Topping, Traffic Seller, List Builder, Internet Marketer and Coach.

Dear Friend,

“Hi there my name is Carl Topping and I have been providing top quality solo ad and funnel traffic since 2013.

I have had many happy customers in which most have become repeat customers.

My aim is to provide you with a top quality service and help you build your online business and ultimately your profits!

When you scroll down the page you will find  many aweome testimonials from some of my customers, many of which have asked for repeat business!

You can  find my contact details at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for your interest in my service!”

Why Should You Buy My Solo Ads?


  • Customer satisfaction – I’m only happy when my customers are happy!
  • 70%+ Of my list is from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand
  • List includes buyers, therefore you have a chance of making some sales!
  • I always over deliver to my customers I only count unique clicks.
  • I will only promote one offer at a time, giving your offer exclusivity to my list!
  • All solos will be sent out to my lists only, NO exit pop-ups, NO traffic exchanges, NO safe-lists  NO other things other than my lists.
  • Normally all the clicks are delivered within 72 hours or less.

Rules and Regulations


  • I RESERVE the right to refuse ANY solo ads. If I do not think it’s a good fit and if you cannot change the ad copy or URL, I will refund your money.
  • By placing an order for a solo ad, you agree to the no refund policy.
  • Your offer must be a free offer.. no linking directly to paid offers
  • Your offer must be in an Internet Marketing/Make Money Online niche
  • I reserve the right to modify your swipe to fit my list if required
  • I will not promote MLM/Network Marketing offers
  • I will only send traffic directly to YOUR squeeze page
  • I will NOT send traffic directly to any affiliate promotion
  • No adult/gambling sites (Or anything else related)

Check Out Some Of My Customer Testimonials…

tom-lua1 “Hey Carl, awesome as ever! Thanks for sending me the awesome 50 clicks! 45% opt-in. Nice Working with you!”

Tom Lua

david-kirby “Carl delivered the solo very quickly and excellent quality clicks too, thanks again!”

- David Kirby

alister-clarke1 “Just bought a solo from carl Topping and got me 65 clicks for a 50 click solo and also for a great price. Cheers Carl!”

- Alistair Clarke

MIKE BUONTEMPO “I ordered 100 clicks from Carl and received awesome Optins and a Couple Sales Too!”

- Mike Buontempo

tim1 “Got a great solo from Carl Topping. Ordered 50 clicks and got 68 unique and 74 raw and above average optin rate. Thanks Carl!”

- Timothy Sartin

zora-blume-pic “Just finished a solo from Carl Topping that got me 64 clicks for a 50 click solo that’s over delivering by over 20% with an over 40 % opt-in rate, and all for a great price. Cheers Carl!”

- Zora Blume

dmpic2 “I have been buying solo ads from Carl and always get over 40% conversion on my page. Carl always offers value for money and I will definately continue buying. Thanks Carl!”

- Daniel Madeira

bm “Carl Topping’s traffic is responsive as heck. I received 57.3% conversion rate and even made an OTO sale! A++++”

- Brendan Mace

tom-lua1 “Awesome Solo from Carl! Bought a 50 click solo and received 78 clicks, great over delivery!”

- Tom Hua

dwpic “Ordered 50 clicks got 68 clicks and with a 40%+ optin rate what can you say. Thanks Carl.”

- Dave Whitworth

bigjohn1 “HOT Dam Carl.. Those were some of the best clicks I’ve ever purchased! That’s what I call money well spent. Thanks for the overdelivery and just like Arnold says; “I’ll Be Back”

- BIG John T. Bair

mgpic1 “wow, as a newbie to this whole internet marketing thing, Carl has patience with me, he was committed to back his product and he over delivered! I will be using him again! Thanks”

- Michele Gillespie

chris geldof2 “I ordered 100 clicks from Carl, received 109 and got 46.7% optin rate with 51 optins! On average I get a 35-40% optin rate, so I’m very happy with the results!
Carl is a friendly guy and gives great support! Will buy again soon from him. Recommended!”

- Chris Geldof

paul-da-sousa “Nice solo from Carl, I bought 200 got a good number of optins and overdelivery. Couldnt be happier!”

- Paul De Sousa

RALPH “Solid solo from Carl, I bought 100 clicks and got a good amount of overdelivery and a 49% optin rate!”

- Ralph

jc “Invested in 100 clicks from Carl and he delivered 115 getting me a 50% optin with a sale. Speedy delivery and excellent service!”

- James Canzanella













High Quality Funnel Traffic

My funnel traffic delivers great results to the point where it can be better than a direct solo ad to my list. This has made my funnel clicks popular as customers have seen high conversions and sales.

The way I deliver my funnel clicks is mainly by replacing my one time offer with your offer so as soon as they fill in a form to optin to my Internet Marketing/Make Money Online Offers they won’t see my offer they will see yours!

When people optin to one offer they are likely to optin to another offer. These will be the brand new subscribers to my list so you will have a good chance of getting some great results!

Due to how funnel clicks are delivered you will also be getting subscribers when they are in the mood for buying, so you will have potential sales coming your way!

Other methods that can be used are adding your link to my download/thankyou page and having your offer as one of the bonus links in my email broadcasts.


Information and Requirements For Funnel Clicks:


I charge 0.40/CLICK and I currently send up to a maximum of 1000 clicks.

Examples of cost:

100 clicks = $40

200 clicks = $80


All I need is your tracking link to your offer.


Depending on how many clicks you order it can take anything up to 4 weeks.


Funnel clicks do not run as regular as solo ads so to order your package please send me your order request to

After this request has been made we can arrange payment and set it up.

You can also see my different contact methods at the bottom of this page.


Check Out Some Of My Customer Testimonials…


bp12 “Purchased 500 funnel clicks from Carl Topping and received great results! Nice over delivery and a 58% opt in conversion!

- Branden Pierce

tonypic11 “WOW. That’s what describes the traffic I got from Carl Topping. I bought 100 clicks from his funnel and he delivered 109. From those clicks I received 56 Leads and one front end sale. I will be coming back to him and buying lots more in the upcoming days. He come highly recommended.

- Tony Behnk

hj “Just finished 1000 funnel clicks I bought from Carl Topping. It only took him 14 days to deliver and I got a good high conversion at 45%. I definitively recommend his traffic to anyone!”

- Hjalte Ravn Sofienfryd

tonypic11 “Ordered 500 funnel clicks from Carl and got 510 clicks, 271 optins and 3 front end sales. Thanks once again Carl for top service and results!”

- Tony Behnk

hhgghg “Got an amazing 57.75% conversion rate. Good job Carl let me know when you want to go again!”

- Brian Douglas

bill1 ” I bought 200 funnel clicks from Carl and I got 204 unique clicks, 114 opt-ins 55.88%. If you are looking for clicks with good results, Look Carl up. I will be buying more myself. Thanks Carl..”

- Bill Ulbrik

tonypic11 “Ordered 200 funnel clicks from Carl and the results were great.. I made one front end sale @ $37 and great optin rate. 213 clicks and 147 opt ins. 68%”

- Tony Behnk

py-150x150 “Thanks Carl for an awesome 500 clicks. I had conversions of 67% which is the highest yet. Not only that I received 3 sales @ $51 each. I will definately be back for more!”

- Peter FanYin

  • Wishing You Every Success!

DISCLAIMER: I CANNOT determine or predict the results you will receive with your solo ad.  It’s up to you to have a high converting offer and sales funnel.  It is also your responsibility to understand how well your squeeze page converts. However, I can guarantee that you will receive at least the number of clicks you purchased delivered from my list to your website URL.